Educational Philosophy

Kehila educates each student with care and dignity, and with appreciation that each child is a unique individual created in the image of Hashem, B'tzelem Elokim. Our academic excellence comes from robust standards balanced with a warm and nurturing environment that fosters personal growth. The school provides students with the tools to become confident, successful learners. Our unique classroom setup develops learners who are independent, academically prepared and socially mature.

The school offers a research-based online learning experience that fosters growth through a combination of live classes and offline independent instruction. Students meet with teachers and Kehila classmates two to three times per week and accomplish assignments between classes, independently and collaboratively. Each Kehila class is a grouping of students that stay together for the entirety of the course, allowing a collegiality to be formed. During class, students fully interact with their classmates and teachers. Faculty support students during multiple office hours each week. In many communities, we partner with local day schools and shuls to provide students with local opportunities and community connections. 
Kehila does not just replicate classroom models;
it purposefully designs new ones based on research and experience.
Our talented faculty and dedicated families partner to guide students on unique learning paths to attain their maximum potential as scholars and citizens, developing independent learners who are wise, compassionate, and purposeful Jewish leaders in our modern global society.

The Kehila Learner

Kehila students engage with ideas, are challenged through content and are supported as they develop identity, nurture talents, discover passions and find purpose as the rising generation of creators, innovators and leaders.
  • The Kehila learner is seeking a rigorous online college preparatory education in secular and Judaic Studies and Hebrew language. 
  • The learner has thrived in previous online learning environments, including home-based learning, and is eager to embrace a full-time online Jewish education. 
  • The Kehila learner is independent and motivated, and is conscious of time commitments and accountability expected from all learners - online or in person.  

Kehila empowers students to become reflective global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values, ready and eager to write the next chapter of their lives using their own definitions of success, happiness and fulfillment.

Graduation Requirements

English 4 Credits
Math 4 Credits
Science 4 Credits
Social Studies 4 Credits
Judaic Studies 7 Credits
Hebrew Language 3 Credits
Tefilah (Prayer) .5 Credits/Year
Design/STEM .5 Credits/Year
Fine/Performing Arts 1 Credit
Personal Fitness/Health 1 Credit
Electives 1 Credit
Total 31.5 Credits